Jet Noir ‘Emotional Chess’

Emotional Chess is the latest offering from the infamous Jet Noir. This excellent 13 track album fuses trance beats with power-pop vocals that threaten to stab you in the eye.

This album brings many things to the table, more than anything is the classic club sound, that would no doubt have you bopping away on the dance floor on any night out, without a second thought or a care in the world.
Every track gives you a little something new from ‘Big Shot‘ to ‘This Is the Last Time‘ Jet takes you on a musical journey of sound. Emotional Chess brings some of the best Trance you could ask for from a self-promoted artist.

Track Listings
1 – Big Shot
2 – Deep Dark Place
3 – Doesn’t Matter Anymore
4 – Dreaming of More
5 – Emotional Chess
6 – I Would Fall
7 – Inhale, Exhale
8 – Just Press Play
9 – Let Us Prey
10 – Like A Circle
11 – Spiritual Decay
12 – The Scarlet Woman
13 – This is The Last Time

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