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Review: Xenoglossy by Machinista

Review: Xenoglossy by Machinista

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining so we’ve hauled anchor and set sale back to the fertile waters that surround our friends over at Juggernaut Music and treat ourselves to a listen of the very long anticipated album from Machinista, Xenoglossy.

Regular readers will remember how much I loved Machinista’s EP and it’s felt like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for the album but in reality it’s been no time at all, testament to the work ethic of these guys. Arizona Lights was so well received it’s a wonder the guys have had time to record new material with the demand on them to perform live at venues all over Europe.


As well as the great tracks from the EP, Including the genre changing Arizona Lights, we are treated to a plethora of beautiful Synthpop creations that breathe nourishing life into a sub culture that is already blooming in the bands native Sweden and gradually starting to take hold here in the UK. Tracks like Molecules and Carbon and The Blues and The Reds highlight not just the bands well-documented musical talent but also their ability to write intelligent and engaging lyrics to match the tracks.

On this album we also have two very special treats, the first being a re-recording of Wasted, from the EP, with the addition of Alice in Videoland’s front woman Toril Lindqvist, also from Sweden, creating a new depth to the recording. The last treat is the track that started it all, a beautiful electronic cover of David Bowie’s classic Heroes, which ends a great album on an even greater high note.

I will reiterate my previous comments that Industrial is on the way up in the UK and in Scandinavia, evidence of which can be seen in the rich catalogue of acts represented by Juggernaut. With Xenoglossy, Machinista have raised the bar and set a high standard for others either coming into the genre or celebrating a pedigree within the scene to reach.

Catch up with Machinista on their website, Facebook or Twitter and get you hands on the album from all good stockists through Juggernaut Music.



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