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Review: ‘Ghost Avenue’ by Ghost Avenue

Review: ‘Ghost Avenue’ by Ghost Avenue

“Let me take you on a trip down Memory Lane…”, that’s the opening line on the title track of Ghost Avenue’s amazing self-titled album and a more true statement has never been said on an album. Forget your over-hyped aluminium rock, this here is pure iron metal forged in the heat of battle for greatness which Ghost Avenue are very close to winning!

If you’re a music fan then chances are you have a pretty ecclectic taste, but you’ll always find yourself coming back to your one true love, begging forgivness for crawling home stinking of other bands. My true love is Metal, and I mean real Metal, the kind that has squealing guitars and even squealier vocals, drums that rattle like an army of tap dancers being systematically shot to death on a tin roof and a bass that sounds like Darth Vadar coughing. It’s a rare commodity these days but sometimes, just sometimes those that ask often enough get a little of what they need.


Ghost Avenue stick to tried and tested pattern and for that I have to bow down and salute them, because far too many wannabe fake metal bands have tried to build on a style of music that is what it is. Ghost Avenue come out kicking with an opening track that will rip the arse out of your trousers and fuck you without even saying  thankyou afterwards, it’s raw and brutal but so good I thought I’d had too many E numbers. Each track that follows, although never managing to quite peak at the same level as the self titled track, still kick all pretenders to the throne clear out of the field. It’s old school, it’s so old school it still writes with a quill and knows Latin.

Coming out of the same school as W.A.S.P, Helloween and others of the same heritage they do justice to a genre which has been lacking some real bollocks in recent years and about time too. It’s early Maiden, early Metallica and all the other bands that helped to make REAL metal what it is today, they’ve taken the baton and run with it, true to the form of those who cam before them, as if the ghost of Ronnie James Dio himself was in the studio with them.

Ghost Avenue are going to be huge, expect to see them hitting a tour near you next year and take the chance to see these guys in a small setting before they start selling out stadiums. Catch more from Ghost Avenue on their FaceBook page or their Website.

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