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Suicide Girl of the Day: Casper Suicide

We’ve teamed up with to give our readers a featured Suicide Girl of the day. Today’s girl is Casper Suicide. To see more of Casper Suicide check out

Casper Suicide


  1. The Black Keys circa 2005-2010
  2. Distillers
  3. Aesop Rock
  4. Elliot Smith
  5. Neko Case
  6. Fiona Apple
  7. Sleep
  8. The Black Keys…. I guess.


  1. …not at the moment….


  1. anything by ann rule
  2. shes come undone-wally lamb
  3. the kite runner
  4. cunt-by inga muscio
  5. memoirs of a geisha (not the movie!)
  6. criminology text by brent e turvey
  7. Fast Food Nation (movie is awful)
  8. and the one I’m writing…
  9. ….


  1. .


  1. i
  2. have
  3. no
  4. use
  5. for
  6. this
  7. shit
  8. what
  9. so
  10. ever.

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INTO: ….seeing old people holding hands, singing, having a sore throat so my voice sounds deeper, hitting all the green lights, anticipation, honesty, not being hungry, a nice buzz, a room with a view, coming home to a man who loves me…someone who loves reading, talking and thinking for yourself!…when i feel vindicated and when I feel alive…

NOT INTO: posers, poppunk, men eyefucking me when im trying to drive, liars, shittalkers, hypochristians, anime, fake tans, pill poppers, drug addicts, people who try to bring me down because they hate themselves….mean tags on sets, scene bitches..gays who hate bi’s…the race card, cheap porn, balloon tits, thieves…and a ton of other shit…

MAKES ME HAPPY: Knowing who I am and what I can be.

MAKES ME SAD: More likely it makes me angry.

HOBBIES: sewing, reading, typing, thinking, poodle-rearing.

5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: shelter, food, clothing, water, car.

VICES: saying the eff word.

I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME:thinking about what to do next.

AGE: 26 (Sep 18, 1986)




OCCUPATION: Shady Lady-Student-Stripper. Oh. Yeah.

CURRENT CRUSH: has a beard.

BODY MODS: I have nothing to prove.

HEROES: My Ex Husband. My Husband.

GETS ME HOT: …tall men and little ladies, sharp eyes and dirty hair, big hair, tight pants, veined hands, strong hands, assertive men and shy women… no judgment and lots of respect.. .people who can stick up for themselves, the ones they love and what they believe in.

FANTASY: I’m a realist.

SIGN: that shit is ridiculous

MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: is when I accept my weaknesses.

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: i realize now, that i never lost a thing.


MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

MY DRUG USE: Down the hatch

MY KINK FACTOR: I’m saving myself for Jesus!

MY POLITICS: None apply, you assholes

POT: Nope

Casper Suicide04

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